We’re Ready To Give You a Helping Hand

In-Home Care by Dedicated Professionals

We’re Ready To Give You a Helping Hand

In-Home Care by Dedicated Professionals

Welcome to Scorptit Health Services

Your Trusted Home Healthcare Services Provider

Scorptit Health Services in Hamilton, Ontario is committed to providing quality home health services. We have a goal to safeguard and enhance our clients’ independence within the community. Being dedicated professionals, we understand that home is where the heart is, so you can expect that our staff respects and treats each client’s residence with the utmost professionalism.

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Keeping Clients Informed

As healthcare professionals, our nurses educate our clients on safety in the home and on making informed health choices. We utilize our years of experience and stand by our clients' best interests while providing patient-centered care. Our services are appropriate and effective while providing reliable service to our clients.

Our Mission

At Scorptit Health Services, our goal is to provide comprehensive nonskilled services with a strong emphasis on educating and supporting our clients to empower and promote healthy lifestyles while in the comfort of their homes.

About Us

Our staff of reliable nurses, case managers, and home care professionals are not only skilled in their fields but are also known for the character they possess. They remain respectful and courteous since they understand what families have to go through especially when health issues are involved. For your peace of mind, they are also licensed and insured to work in a home setting.

More Than Just Service

Our medical professionals can be more than just caregivers; they can be your friends. After all, our health experts have empathy and genuinely care for you. They possess the crucial “human factor” that every professional in this industry should have. Let us be there for you and your family!

Home Assistance Services

  • Housework and Cleaning
  • Laundry and Folding
  • Organization
  • De-Cluttering
  • Bathing Assistance
  • Shopping
  • Food Pantry Visits
  • Meal Preparation and Eating
  • Medication Reminder
  • Case Worker
  • Doctor Visit Transportation
  • Companion Care
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We Would Love To Help You

Please contact us to set up a consultation or arrange any services you may need with our medical experts.